Inventing and managing

Stroke World Day

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Year 2006

Commissioned by Bristol-Myers Squibb, Off Limits was responsible for devising and implementing a proposal to visualize the celebration of the Stroke World Day in 2006. The idea took shape in the video-installation Rojo por fuera y rojo por fuera, created specifically for the occasion by the artist Joaquín Ivars. piece, created with a dozen cars, 400 meters of red tube and 600 red tube bulbs, using the traffic as metaphor of the Stroke, and in November 2006, was exhibited in Madrid’s Plaza Sánchez Bustillo (next to Reina Sofía Museum) on the occasion of the celebration. The Off Limits team not only took charge of the conceptualization, but also the management, coordination, production, dissemination and communication of the project.

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