Re-create the March 8

Weaving a common front


Is the International Women's Day a day representative for all women? Has been this day depoliticized? What has been the reason of mass media of reducing certain complaints and demands? On Saturday December 14 we welcome the initiative "Re-create the March 8: Weaving a common front", organized by the Group recreate Dynamization/ 8M. It’s time to reflect on the 8M, raise new visions, re-think the meanings.

Any woman or trans that feels feminist and wants to weave this common front around to the week of the 8 of March is invited to participate in this event, which will be developed from ten in the morning until eight in the evening. Reflection, discussion, and exchange of visions will try to give solution to some questions. In what has become the International Women's Day? How can open avenues of struggle? Is it necessary to open other collective fronts beyond the demonstration?

A fantastic breakfast, lunch, projection, surprise concert, and a lot of humor in the middle of the intense debate will be the ingredients to turn the meeting into a very special day.

We look forward to your visit :)

More info.:
You can join here.

In case you have children or any disability, we recommed you to send an e-mail at the above address.