'Body as post-genre musical instrument'

Experimental workshop with sound prosthesis by Quimera Rosa

Friday, 13h june 2014, 16h-23h (7 hours), 45€
workshop, sound, gender

Experimental laboratory Quimera Rosa taught 'Body as post-genre musical instrument' workshop, whose aim is to experiment with body and noise by the construction of a particular device, the Body Noise Amp.

The Body Noise Amp is an amplifier of body electricity to experiment with body contact to generate sound. Besides this peculiar instrument Quimera Rosa's workshop proposed make the prosthesis which are attached to the body.

Play sounds, generate sounds and experiment with body collectively are the genesis of this workshop.

You don't need any previos specific knowledge.

The workshop is open to all: from people who work with the body, sound, identity, gender; to Performers, artists, dancers, musicians...

Activity linked to 'The Violinist' performance.

Workshop schedule :

- Explanations of basic soldering and electronic components that will be used to build the amplifier. We'll give you an explanatory dossier.
- Construction of the amplifier.
- Construction of the prosthesis with some possible examples.
- Sound Experimentation.
- Final Jam Collective.

To attend this workshop, you must reserve a place in advance by sending an email to

BodyNoise amp from Quimera Rosa on Vimeo.

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