'The Violinist'

Performance by Quimera Rosa

Saturday, 14th june 2014, 20.30h, 6€
performance, body-noise, gender

Quimera Rosa, an experimental and reserching laboratory about identity, body and technology, presents 'The Violinit' performance. Enveloped in a cyberpunk atmosphere and ispired by the world of the acclaimed film The Pianist (Michael Haneke), the piece explores a series of imaginary that happen until turn the own body into a sex-sound instrument, leading to a "Noise SM big jam".

'The Violinist' is a performance in which Quimera Rosa aims to condense six years of electro - chemical experiments in an explosive mixture of body noise, sex gender hacking, mutant bodies, code and prostheses live. In the staging, the artists seek hybridization body/machine/environment through the use of electro -chemical elements (such as water or salt) and incorporating various electronic elements connected to the body by BDSM technical properties.

One of the devices used to generate this noise through the body is called Body Noise Amp, an "instrument" that amplifies the power of the body and generates sound by contact of said body with others. The device is based on the principles of DIY (Do It Yourself) with open license, and allows experiment with touch and sound.

'The Violinist' has been in Patachin (Galicia), La Purée (Barcelona), Festival MEM (Bilbao), MediaLab Prado (Madrid), La Mutinerie (Paris) and Emmetrop (Bourges, France).

40 minutes.

Activity linked to the workshop "Body as post-genre musical instrument".

About Quimera Rosa

Quimera Rosa is a laboratory about experimentation and research on identity, body and technology. From a disciplinary perspective, we want to develop production practices and not naturalizing identities cyborgs. We start from the notion of cyborgs developed by Donna Haraway, who defines them as "chimeras, theorized and fabricated hybrids of machine and organism".

Heirs of post-feminist and post-identity discourses of the body, we transform body into a platform for public intervention, creating breaks in the boundary between public and private. We think about identity as an artistic and technological creativity and we seek to experiment hybrid, flexible and shifting identities that blur the boundaries between natural/artificial, normal/abnormal, male/female , homo/hetero, art/technology...

We especially like the intersections between art, science and technology and its role in the production of subjectivities. Most of our work is done collaboratively and under the paradigm of free culture. Our creations are free from patent and proprietary code.

La Violinista [Trailer] from Quimera Rosa on Vimeo.

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