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Working Class

October 17th 2013, 20.30 h.
Vídeo, cinema

Etymologically in sociology, the working class since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution at the end of the nineteenth century, was designated or is assimilated to the proletariat and the lower class. At the end of the decade of the 80s after the fall of communism in Eastern Europe was envisaged the disappearance or rather the mutation of the "working class" in "middle class" however since the year 2008 with the global economic crisis and the savage neoliberalism running throughout occident we are living in a contradictory process and new change for all workers. It is time to rebuild consciences and be recognized again as the "valid social class" to face the capital and to carry out a necessary revolution that results in a social project more equal and fair for all.

In this program we show you a series of works that have "workers" as protagonists. Five portraits that start with the figure of the veteran Marcus Aurelius, lemon tree farmer of the South and ends with the story of a worker in a lemon factory. In this part of the journey they will meet with fairground nomads, a butcher, a "guardia civil", a grave digger, a stripper, a pigs caregiver, a woman in unemployment and with sailors fishing at dawn.

The five films are non-fiction, where their authors explore freely in terms of thematic formats and different forms of life that make up the day to day, the routine of these people who construct "city" beyond the international news, banking, the stock exchange or politics.


Aurelio autonomous, Luis Lopez Carrasco 2009. 16 Minuts. Sinopsis: According to the director; a dual portrait of an elderly farmer on the Costa del Sol, Estepona. The farmer is my grandfather, of course.

Bargees from Victor Moreno 2010. 5 Minuts
Sinopsis: People who traverse different villages. The unknown microworld of the fairground. Victor Moreno proposes the portraits of these people who travel through different villages with their work. The sincerity and purity of their faces highlighted with a stylized photography and realization.

What thou say that I am from Virginia Garcia del Pino 2007. 28 Minuts Sinopsis: a butcher, a "guardia civil", a grave digger, a stripper, a caregiver of pigs and a woman in unemployment, we talk about the identity of the worker and the social impact of their professions. Through his speeches the work is questioned as the sole option of life inviting to reflect on a universal theme: the individual in the workplace.

Á Luzada, Xurxo Chirro 2012. 15 minutes. Synopsis: This film was caused by a childhood sound that stayed in my memory. During weak dream I woke up by a mechanical sound coming from the port. I knew that came from the diesel engines of the vessels that plucked in the early hours of the morning. This film is the attempt to document an event denied by what happens when everyone sleeps. The shadows, lights, sparkles, the grain, the distortions of the everything becomes possible with the purpose to view the boats depart to the fishing areas in the early hours of the day: "a Luzada".

The Girl in the Lemon Factory, Chiara Marañon 2013. 8 Minutes. Sinopsis: a meditation on life and work. How job interrupts the path of life and pollutes life. As a battle in which there is no battlefield, just noise. A dissonance.

A program curated by Playtime Audiovisuales (Natalia Piñuel and Enrique Piñuel)