Dinner pre-christmas

December 5th 2013, 19 a 22 h.
10 €

Makespace first Christmas dinner in Off limits, the place where it all started only nine months ago, the day March 15 2013 ... a piscolabis with Christmas flavour.

Makespace Madrid is a space dedicated to the digital manufacturing, which offer the latest tools for prototyping and product development and creative and technological projects. An initiative managed by a non-profit association and driven by the members of a community of developers of technology and innovation, whose meeting point and professional development is Makespace Madrid.

Makespace Madrid is maintained through memberships and donations. For this dinner, we have set a symbolic price of 10 EUR to defray costs and collaborate in the maintenance of the space.

We hope to share with you an evening filled with anecdotes, good stories and a little seasoning geek :)

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