La Fulminante Cabaret

For open and incendiary minds only

7 €

Aggressive, provocative, and subversive. The Colombian artist Nadia Granados, whose work is imbued with a critical and overwhelming force, visits us this thursday to present "La Fulminante Cabaret", a performance derived from "La Fulminante", a proyect awarded by the Colombian Ministry of Culture in 2011.

During the performance, we will see a fifty minutes cabaret show where a hot and grotesco body makes an appeal to the deepest human emotions. La Fulminante is direct, absurd, incisive, rabid.

La Fulminante calls into question Colombia's political and social status, the global economic system, the constructions of the imaginary and the moral relationship to gender, sexuality, ethnicity or class; all of this, through a critical political activism, viral strategies and (post)pornography.

The performance in Off Limits is the last stop of the artist's journey through Spain after her stop at the Oral Museum of the Revolution (directed by Beatriz Preciado within the independent studies program at MACBA) and the program "Put One's Foot In It", at El Palomar.

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