Festival of sound and interactive art

Opening, thursday March 13th , 20h.
Exhibition from 13th to 16th and 20th to 23th March. TH-F: 18-21H. Saturday-Sunday: 12-14h // 17-20h

With the arrival of spring, arrives to Off Limits the VIII edition of In- Sonora, a festival that shows national and international contemporary artists with experimental artistic projects in which sound and interactivity have a starring rol.

In-Sonora displays installations, live events, workshops, listening rooms, and videos in spaces (apart from Off Limits), like the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, IED, Twin Gallery, Centrocentro and Cruce. In total, 36 individual and collective proposals, from 16 countries.

The exhibition opening will be at Off Limits on Thursday 13th March at 20pm.

Pieces presented at Off Limits

- Street Sampling, sound installation and performance by Jacek Smolicki (Poland / Sweden, 1982). The piece consists of two opposing pairs of speakers that create a soundscape simulating urban landscape. The sound comes from the recordings that Smolicki made over the years in different cities. In addition to this installation, we have:

Workshop. Saturday 22th March, from 12 to 19h. Free and open to all street musicians who want to participate in the performance that will took place later.

Performance event. Saturday 22th March, from 19 to 23h.

- TypeWriterBot, interactive installation by Gauthier Le Rouzic (France, 1989). The work refers to the past and the present. It is a typewriter pretending to be a mediator of the conversation in a noisy dialogue. Viewers can write a sentence, which is recorded on a paper roll, so the machine builds up a conversation chain that reveals the personality of the "other".

- The Invaders, an interactive audiovisual installation by Thomas Casta (France, 1988). The images are from one of the chapters of the American series Twilight Zone, a television phenomenon in the 60s, called "The Invaders". The artist gets those images, projected on the wall, and replaced the original sound from a sound device connected and scattered around the room.

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