Premiere "Hi, you are making a film (Morocco, Portugal, Spain)"

International premiere

Sunday, May 19th, 21 h., Madrid, Filmoteca Española (Cine Doré).

Sunday, May 19th, 20 h., Tánger, Cinémathèque (Cinema Rif.).

Friday, June 7th, 21 h., Abrantes, Rua Largo Raimundo Soares (close to Associação Palha space).

Cinema, participatory project

Is it possible to make a film in which every shot has been recorded by a different person? Is it possible to create meaning if the directors, know only the shot they have recorded and nothing about the rest of the story? Can your grandfather and the neighbor of the third floor be directors ?

“Hi, you are making a film (Morocco, Portugal, Spain)” has been done like that, with hundreds of amateur directors shooting a script written collectively by three groups of teenagers from Lavapies (Madrid), Bir Chifae a neighborhood in Tangier and Abrantes, a town in the interior of Portugal.

In the premiere, all participants will see the film for the first time. Are you going to miss it?.

In Madrid the premiere will takeplace at the Filmoteca Española - Cine Doré (Santa Isabel, 3, Madrid) on Sunday May 19 at 21 h. In Tangier, the same day at 20 h. at the Cinémathèque - Cinema Rif. Finally, Abrantes will have its premiere June 7 at 21h. in Rua Largo Raimundo Soares (close by Associação Palha space).

At the web you would watch the film anytime you want.

“Hi, you are making a film (Morocco, Portugal, Spain)” has been developed in several stages, all them built on the three countries. The writing of the script and the construction of the storyboard has been made in workshops with teenagers between 16 and 18 year old. The shoot was opened to all the people who wanted to participate in Spain, Portugal and Morocco and through the internet. Now, the project culminates with the premiere of the film.

The ending result? A film that everyone involved will consider yours and, at the same time, a common creation of the collective imagination. “Hi, you are making a film (Morocco, Portugal, Spain)” will be released at the same time in its three locations, in the three original versions (with Arab, Portuguese and Spanish, subtitles).

The entrance is free, so… bring your family and friends, and discover that a film without a director and raccord and written collectively is possible!.

"Hi, you are making a film (Morocco, Portugal, Spain)" is a collaborative project of Maelström (España), Espalhafitas (Portugal) y Atatour y Arej (Morocco, supported by the Collaborative Grants of the European Cultural Foundation.

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