A festival of young people for young people

November 16 and 17th 2013
Photography, video, design, illustration, music.

EXPLORA is a multidisciplinary festival of young artists promoted by two young lovers of the world of contemporary art, with no budget, but with much enthusiasm and effort to bring forward a cultural project in these dificult times.

EXPLORA is a test, an experiment which aims to ensure that those who build invented realities (either in form of song, picture, video, table or T-shirt)could share a space of visits for a couple of days.

EXPLORA, micro festival of young art is a room where each one can relate or promote their work, as well as a meeting point where to state that we are culturally alive.

More than 25 creators in five major categories, photography, illustration, design, music and video.

The need to create

Although societies currently live moments economic, politically and socially complicated, creators often use these circunstances to express their anger, disobedience, or simply their opinion. The need to create, and therefore to change, is the only common inertia that still exists,that we share and that nourishes the rest.

November 16, from 12 to 22 h. November 17, from 12 to 20 h.

Daily Pass 3 euros


James McSherry
Elena Anyllon
Elena Polo and FStudio Fotografía
Elia Clèmentine
Santi Ruíz

Art and illustration
Jorge Arias
Paula Presa
Andrés González
David Martín Ángulo

Design and Decoration

David Carratalá
Pao Durán

Enrique de Tomás, Cora Beluga
Javier Yáñez, Mighty Boy
Miguel Provencio y María Giráldez,
Life vest under your seat (volamos hacía Miami)
Twiggy Hirota, Mochitsuki
Jaime Ocaña y Guillermo Justicia, El negro
Mikel Pérez López, Atraco a mano desarmada [Por confirmar]

Aitziber Redondo and Gloria Martínez 627 839 758 / 639 972 766

A project by Gloria Martínez y Aitziber Redondo.