Borrador Battonz Kabaret

"SCUM Manifesto", by Valerie Solanas, reinterpreted by ideadestroyingmuros - armsidea

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Ideadestroyingmuros - armsidea cultural collective, born in Italy and based in Valencia, presents the show "Borrador Battonz Kabaret", a tribute to the feminist writer Valerie Solanas, through the adaptation of one of her best known texts, the "SCUM Manifesto".

"Borrador Battonz Kabaret" is a one hour show about a critique of "patriarchal macho neoliberal system" through irony, humor and satire. By using these tools in the mise en scène, the show seeks, according to the collective, "to break down the power structures of consciousness and social change".

If Valerie Solanas is remembered for being the author of the attempted murder of Andy Warhol, armsidea claimed now the thinker by a customized version of the "SCUM Manifesto", text of radical feminism written in 1968 whose main term - Scum - means "society for cutting men" . As the collective states, "this cabaret is, among other things, a tribute to Valerie Solanas, beggar, whore, crackhead, crazy, an intention of rescuing her artwork and despatologizar SCUM".

Unlike Solanas's approach, this Kabaret intends to be openly pro sex. They adopt a "battonz" attitude ("battonz" is a word that emerges in the collective's adolescence and it can be translated as "flirty"), and propose the hyper- femininity as a place of strength.

This is the first time ideadestroyingmuros - armsidea brings this cabaret to Madrid. In their research within the field of post-porn, they were in Pradillo (with "Pornodrama", in 2009) and in Diagonal (with "Pornocapitalism", in 2012).

The show costs 6€.

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