No reeducables

Fabula Mundi. Playwriting Europe 2012

From November 19 to November 23, from 16h to 21 h
On November 21 at 20:30 h, Massini meets the public.

What if broken glasses were not “re-teachable”? What if there was a scale problem? What if the written words were beating”? What if there was a non “re-teachable” problem? What if the bombs were non “re-teachable”? To be positioned is non “re-teachable”. And to speak, and to write? “It is known that you shoot and that’s it ”.

After reading Mujer no reeducable by Stefano Massini, Francisco Ruiz Infante proposes us a specific tour of sonorous resonances, images and some slogans.

Francisco Ruiz Infante's installation is part of a collaboration frame between Off Limits, Pradillo threatre and Fabulamundi project. Playwriting Europe 2012. During the time period of Francisco Ruiz Infante's installation, concretely on November 20th, Pradillo will present the reading of Massinis’ piece directed by the artist Emilio Tomé. Therefore the public will have the opportunity to know two interpretations from the same theatrical text, one due to a scenic creator, another due to a visual artist.

Fabula Mundi is an European project where structures of several countries collaborate in order to visualice European contemporary dramaturgies and to stimulate translation, diffusion and free interpretation of theatrical texts.

In Madrid, Off Limits and Pradillo theatre receive the reading of Mujer no reeducable, by Stefano Massini, one of the most important voices among the new Italian theatre. During the same period of time other manifestations around different authors will have place in Berlin, Bucharest, Târgu Mures and Murcia.

Mujer no reeducable was written in 2007 after the homicide of the Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaja. The piece is a series of instantaneous of the Chechenia’s war inspired by the journalist chronicles. Apart from his documentary value, the work is a reflection about freedom of speech and journalism.

Stefano Massini (Florence, 1975) has received several of the most important prizes for theatrical writing in Italy, as the Pier Vittorio Tondelli (2005), or the Nazionale della Critica (2007). Some of his more important works are Memorie del boia, 2003; L'odore assordante del bianco, 2005; Processo a dio, 2005; Trittico delle gabbie, 2005-2008 or L'italia s'è desta, 2009-2010.

Francisco Ruiz de Infante (Vitoria - Vitoria, 1966). Francisco has exhibited important projects in institutions as the Museum of Modern Art of Paris, Museum Reina Sofia Madrid, Guggenheim Bilbao, Maison de l'Image Geneva, Blaffler Gallery Houston, Karlshure's ZKM, Museum Artium Alava, Kunst - Cervantes Casablanca, Finds Bonn, Museum Pulley Gil Mexico, Foundation Telefonica Buenos Aires, La Panera Lleida , Metrónom Barcelona, Cervantes Institute Casablanca…

Within his extensive video production outstands featured film Los Lobos (1995) and the short ones Las cosas simples (Premio découverte in the Festival du Nouveau Cinéma of Montreal 1993), Colisiones sin título (2001), La Piedra de NY (2005) and in 2009, B.S.o. D. (Training attitude). In the live arts field he has collaborated with the choreographer Loïc Touzé (Un Bloc 1997 and S'il y a lieu, 1999), the composer Christian Sebill (from 2003) and recently with the choreographer Olga Mesa.

Emilio Tomé (Madrid, 1977) studied architecture, theatre and contemporary dance. He has teached Gráfic Ideas and Project Exploration classes at the School of Architecture of the UPSAM. Emilio has been a project tutor at the UAH's Máster of Scenic Practices and Visual Culture, develops the project of creation with teens Strangers in Paradise at La Casa Encendida and teaches Dramaturgy in the School of cinema/ECAM. Emilio develops his work as creator in the scenic and audio-visual arts fields with pieces as Cocktail (1999), Ola (2001), Ruido (2004-2005), Derivas (2006), Abstracciones (2009), I'm still here (2012, Conversaciones_Robadas (2012), that have been presented in different contexts and festivals. He has written together with producer Sergio Oksman the script of the documentary A story for the Modlins (2012) , internationally awarded. He has collaborated with the playwrighters Carlos Marquerie and Carlos Fernandez, as well as with the choreographers Juan Domínguez and Elena Córdoba.

Reading of Mujer no reeducable,, for Emilio Tomé
November 20th at 11 a.m.
Approximate duration: 50’
Free entry

Project supported by: Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali - Direzione Generate per lo Spettacolo dal Vivo (Italy)
In collaboration with: Italian Institute of Culture of Madrid
Production: Fabula Mundi, Off Limits and Pradillo Theatre
General coordination Project: PAV (Rome)
Coordination in Madrid: Michael Acebes Tosti